2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 10!

Sometimes you chop the wood and sometimes the wood chops you.
Your Athens County Boodawgs finally came down to Earth with the help of War Eagle.
How much wood could a hurt Dawg chop if a War Eagle could chop wood too?
Stay away from 9 and 3, Kirby.

Our Tech beat their Tech in technically the most technical battle of technology schools down at the Bobby Dodd Technical Campus.
Hell of an engineer!

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers won again!
They're 6 and 3 for the first time ever!
Big game against App State next week at the Dome.
Tickets are on sale now!

Your Magic City Dirty Birds finally bounced back largely in part to the Dallas Cowboys being overrrated.

Roll Tide almost got bit by the other Boodawgs but the Nicktator was just too stubborn to lose.
And he said, "Sometimes you need hard."

Awww, hope you enjoyed your time in the playoff race Notre Dame.
because Mark Richt's Hurricanes went Irma all over the Golden Domes of South Bend.
And I know we would rather laugh with the sinners than lose with those saints.

Speaking of Saints, Look out! Drew Brees hasn't retired yet and the Saints are 7 and 2!
Laissez les bon touchdowns roulez!

Good old Rocky Top finally hit rock bottom.
See ya Butch Jones!

The Ohio State Buckeyes met Sparty with great vengeance and furious anger.
Can a two loss team make the playoff?

And Mark Arum's New York Football Giants were nice enough to grant the Niners their first win of the year.