2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 2!

It was Boo Dawg versus Boo Dawg as Your Athens County Mutts bit the Birmingham Puppies right where it counts.

Your Ramblin Wreck Helluvan Engineers stung UCF...oh wait, that game was cancelled.

Your Downtown Little Panthers travelled up to Happy Valley for a very unhappy 56 - zip throttling from the Lions of Nittany.

Your Mercedes Benztown Dirty Birds opened up the new shack with a repeat of the NFC Championship game, good thing it wasnt a repeat of the Superbowl.
By the way I drafted Devonte Adams on my fantasy team thinking it was Davonta Freeman . OOPS!

In the other Mercedes Dome located in a southern city, the poor Saints felt the anger of Tom Brady and The Hoodie. Hell hath no fury like the team that plays New England after a loss.

Roll Tide rolled on but kinda got rammed by Colorado State in the fourth quarter. Is Bama actually mortal this year?

Your Macon Bacon Mercer Bears did suprisingly well against The Other Team from Alabama. I can hear War Eagle fans whining from here.

Ohio State and Michigan saluted the soldiers by handly whipping up on a couple military academies.

Northern Illinois beat Nebaska, proving the point that it's better to be the Huskie than the Husker.

The Newer Cleveland Browns lost to the Older Cleveland Browns for the four hundreth time.

Rocky Top got the old swampy swamp chomp chomp from Flo-rida on a last second Hail Tebow.

And tonight on the M-N-F, The Motor City Madmen take on the New Jersey Football Sopranos.