2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 3!

Take a knee, take two or three
Take it to The Sausage Hut
To hear more of me.

Your Magic City Dirty Birds squeaked out a squeaker
In the battle of I-75.
Yes, I75 actually goes all the way up to Detroit.

Look out America!
Your Athens County Hedge Trimmers
Are now in the national championship playoff conversation
You know what that means!
Two heartbreaking road losses are coming up soon!

The Boodawgs are the first team named the Boodawgs
To play other teams named The Boodawgs in back to back weeks.
Maybe we should just start a conference
With only teams named The Boodawgs.

Back down 85 south to Midtown,
Your Midtown Wreck Ramblers
Engineered their throwback running game all over the Panthers.

Speaking of Panthers,
Your Edgewood Avenue Panthers
Finally won a game when they outgoldrushed the Charlotte 49ers.

Speaking of more Panthers,
Cam Newton and his Panthers got upset huge by the Crescent City Saints.
I started Cam in my fantasy team overrrr

Russell Wilson, who finally woke up and scored 40 fantasy points. UGH.
But that wasn't enough to beat the Tennessee Oilers.

The Iggles avoided an upset with a 61 yard field goal.
But they got upset themselves when Darren Sproles blew his knee out
And broke his arm on the same play.
Like we say on the Game of Thrones Minute,
See ya Darren Sproles!

Tawwwmy Tawwwmy Tawwwmy.
You have to beat Tawwwmy for 60 minutes,
Not 59 or 58.

And tonight on the MNF,
The Cowboys try to convince America
They aren't overrated
And The Cardinals try to convince America
They aren't underrated.