2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 4!

Blow outs all over America this week.
Hold on to your gaskets!

Could this be the year up GA 316?
Your Athens County Boodawgs sicced the woof woof
All over the Rocky Top Orange Bottoms
Keep choppin wood, Kirby!

Your Midtown Bumblebees rumbled, bumbled, and stumbled
The Tar right out of Carolina Blue
They know all about ball control in that part of town.

Your Magic City Dirtybirds watched
56 yards of disappointment fly through the air
On their way to a hip flexing loss to the Billlls?
Now the Bills are atop the AFC East? What?

Your Downtown Panthers took on Memphis
Oh wait, the game was cancelled because Memphis felt like playing a more attractive school.
Georgia State plays second fiddle again!

Roll Tide hung double nickels plus two nickels and a penny
On Old Swiss Miss
There was extra marshmallows on that one.

War Eagle beat the other Boodawgs handily.
Just when you think Gus Malzan is down for the count
He stays his execution another week.

Lookout! The Golden Dome Dorks schellacked a low level Mediocre American Conference team,
Now people think they should be ranked in the top 4
Join a conference already!

Can you smell a sophomore Slump in Dallas?
Dak and Zeke were the Girly men compared to Todd Gurley
Taking the America out of America's Caballeros.

The Ohio University Bongcats out sprinted Mark Arum's UMass Commuter Rails 58-50.

And Tonight
Mark Arum's Bronx Bombers go for a dollar, a five, or ten
Versus St. Paul Minnesota's Twinny Twins.