2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 6!

Your Midtown Bumble Bees ruined Mark Richt's Don't Call Me Irma Hurricanes.
Oh wait, they almost won, until they lost on a last second field goal.

Your Auburn Avenue panthers won their 3rd victory in a row.
That's Georgia State's first 3 game winning streak....ever. They had 670 total yards.

That was almost as much as Your Athens County Boodawgs 695 yards that they racked up
Showing the Show Me state what happens when you have about 6 guys who can carry the dawwwwg biscuit.
Keep choppin wood, Kirby!

The Magic City Dirty Birds were thinking Superbowl!
And in Atlanta we know that's not a good thing. They blew another first half lead. DOH!

Aaron Rogers felt the mighty crunch of reality when his collarbone got driven into the unforgiving turf.
I can hear the whiny sobs of spoiled Green Bay fans fom here.
Welcome to Suckville, Packers.

Adrian Peterson is back from the dead in Arizona.
And thanks to the guy in my fantasy league who dropped him last week so I could scoop him up.

Roll Tide made pulled pork out of the Razorbacks. Send those guys to the NFL already!

The Death Valley ACC Tigers choked on Orange Juice up in the 'Cuse. Dabo meet Dino. Dino meet Dabo.

Mark Arum's football Giants finally decided to let someone else call the plays and run the ball for a change and they actually won!

Too bad they couldnt get the hint to do that in Cleveland. Their headcoach still calls the plays, they still pass too much and they still haven't won a game.