2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 7!

Your Athens Technical College Boodawgs went back to the Dawg house to enjoy a bye week. You can't chop wood when you don't play, Kirby!

Your Magic City Dirty Birds kept playing like a SuperBowl team this week! And we all know that's not a good thing in Atlanta. The defending NFC champions have lost 3 in a row to even things out at 3 and 3.

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers record breaking 3 game winning streak finally came to an end when Troy came to town.
Troy who? Who cares!

Your midtown bumble bees rolled up 427 rushing yards against the Wake Demons of the Deacon Forest. The Boodawgs may be not be the best rushing team north of I-20 after all.

The Lions of the Nittany Valley whited out the Maize and Gold of the overrated Harbaughrines.

The Buffalo Bills bounced back and bucked the Bucs in big boy barnburner in Buffalo

Everyone start ranking Notre Dame number 1 because they finally beat a ranked opponent. Meh.

The corn wont grow at all on Rocky Top, the dirt is too rocky by far
That's about time Roll Tide fed Rocky Top orange colored corn in a jar.

The Top of the Rockies Broncos got shut out for the first time since Mark Arum's mullet reached his shoulders in 1992.

Mark Arum's football Giants continued their slide into mediocrity. They have only been outdone by the Cleveland Browns in the race for next year's first overall draft pick.

And right now the DC Native Americans are taking on the Philadelphia Brother Lovers on the MNF.

War Eagle was back on the warpath just in time to shave the hogs. Soooooeeeeee.