2017 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 8!

Your Piedmont College Boodawgs are sic sic sic sickenem from every angle.
And everyone on the team is capable of rushing for 100 yards thanks to those big dawgs up front.
They went down to the cocktail party and made ugly boots out of them Gators.
Now they're number two!
Keep choppin wood, Kirby!

Your Midtown Optioning Engineers got rambled and wrecked by Dabo's Wabos.
The game was like watching a station wagon race a corvette down the connector during a rush hour rainstorm.

Your Hank Aaron Drive Panthers FINALLY got to play a home game, and they won AGAIN!
They gave a flat tire to the Jagwires of South Alabama.
The Jags were about the only team in Bama playing this week because War Eagle and Roll Tide were both off.

Your Magic City Dirty Birds took it up to Jersey and just held off those pesky upstart J-E-T-S? Jets Jets Jets.

The Ohio State Poisonous Nuts trailed all afternoon to the number 2 Lions of Nittany.
But came from behind near the end of the 4th Quarter for the big win.
Could we see the Boodawgs Buckeyes national semi final?

Mark Arum's football Giants managed not to lose this week!
Oh, because they were on a bye.

The worst Cleveland Browns ever team will be on a bye next week thankfully because they played in London.
At least they wont manage to suck on two continents in the same week.

And as we speak, the BBQ City Chiefs try to hold off those damn Broncos on the MNF.