2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 9!

Your Number 1 ranked Stone Mountain Freeway Boodawgs chubbed up between the hedges to make quick work of them Gamecocks.
Them Dawgs sicced themselves into a guaranteed spot in the SEC championship game!
That's a whole pile of wood you done chopped, Kirby! So keep on choppin!

Your Downtown Panthers woke up this morning without them Statesboro blues because they went down to Statesboro pulled out a nailbiter against Dicky Betts and Georgia Southern.
Georgia State is knocking on the door of the Sun Belt!

Your Midtown Wreck Ramblers relied on big plays but came up small when they blew a lead to Thomas Jefferson's Cavaliers.
Now they're on the wrong side of 4-4.
Cmon Helluvan Engineers!

Your Magic City Dirty Birds also jumped on the 4-4 train that pulled into 5 points station.
And here come the doubters!
Is Matty Ice too Matty Nice?
Can the Oline block?
Can Sarkisian call plays?
Relax, they'll get better.

Roll Tide finally played a real team but they still rolled on.
But it's still good to see The Nicktator still complain about his team still not playing a good game.

A.J. Green traded in his Lynn Swann for some Kevin Nash and powerbombed a CORNERback.

Mark Arum's Football Giants have officially given up the season in hopes of their coach getting fired.
See ya in Canton, Eli. Or maybe even Cleveland!

The Ohio State Buckeyes went out to Iowa and took a corncob right in the Hawkeye.
Their national championship hopes have officially been dashed.

And tonight, the Steak Sandwich City Lions take on the Queso Dipping WackPack on the MNF.