2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 1!

Year 3 for The Football Minute
Week 1 for the Football Minute
Replace your whole fantasy team on the waiver wire now.

Your Magic City Birds of Prey slogged in the rain
One jump ball away from a win.
Deja vu for Julio too
Don't worry, Matty Ice will warm up when they play inside.

Your Athens County Boodawgs fricaseed the Cackalacky GameCocks.
Two and 0 with a blue-frosted cupcake next week.
A whole new forest awaits, keep choppin that wood, Kirby

Your Midtown Wramblin Wreckers rushed to Tampa and back
But they got bullied in the 4th quarter and lost.

Your Piedmont Avenue Panthers are growing up right before our eyes.
They lost to the Wolfpack, but they're looking to go Dale Murphy
On the Sun Belt Conference very soon.

Your Atlanta United FC are holding strong with 54 points
And a clinched playoff spot.
Their 8 match unbeaten streak came to an end last week
And of course they're on international break this week.
Ya, i just gave a soccer score.

Cleveland and Pittsburgh kissed their sisters
In a wet, sloppy, overtime slapfight of attrition
You can't have a tie without overtime
And you can't have overtime without a tie.
But you can overtie a tie anytime,
Especially in the traffic center.

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants scored 15 points and lost
While the New York Football Jets scored 48 points and won.

Roll Damn Tide is number one yet again.
Cmon SEC, can't someone knock them off already?

The Ohio State Buckeys have scored 129 points in two games.
That's 21 more than Alabama.