2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 2!

Jump To Conclusions week has come and gone,
Back To Reality week is almost in the books.
Let's go!

Your Mercedes Benz Dirty Birds heated up Matty Ice and got off the schnide.
They gave the load to Tevin Coleman and Tevin carried it.
Fly Falcons Fly.

Your Middle Oconee River Boodawgs made the Blue Raiders black and blue in a red and black blowout.
They don't play a real team for a month,
So keep chopping them twigs, Kirby.

Your Midtown Bumblebees couldn't helluvan engineer a win in the PITT.
Do we really have to run the option forever, Paul? C'mon, it's 2018!

Your Woodruff Park Panthers fell for a fake punt early and it was all downhill from there.
C'mon Panthers, get it right.
Your head coach tore a bicep celebrating a touchdown last week.
Learn how to win!

Your Atlanta United FC dammed up The Rapids 3 - nil!

War Eagle racked up 111 yards...in penalties when they lost to GEAUX Tigers
There's a great post-game video of Ed Orgeron dropping an F-Bomb
Like a dump truck drops a load of gravel.

The Cleveland Browns kicker missed two field goals and two exrtra points!
Needless to say he lost his job and the Browns lost the game.

Speaking of missed field goals and ties,
The Vikings kicker missed three field goals and lost,
I mean tied the Cheesepack.

Ryan Fitzmagic's beard is making more magic than Gandalf right now..
Will he still be the starting QB when the Buccaroos come to Atlanta next month?

And tonight my fantasy QB is going against my fantasy RB1 on the MNF.