2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 6!

Week 6 in the NFL
Week 7 in college
Everything you know
Is wrong.

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Pulled out a squeaker
Despite a rumblin bumblin stumblin lateralling
Wacko fumblin finish.
There is always hope
When you play in the NFC South.

Your Number 2 Athens County Boodawgs
Aint number 2 anymore
Sometimes you chop wood
And sometimes all the wood choppin goes to heck
When them Tigers Heyyyyy
Be talkin out the side of their neck.

The Florida Damn Gators
Squeaked by Vandy for a dandy
To set up one of the more interesting
Worlds Biggest Cocktail Party
That we've had in a while
In two weeks
After both teams rest up on byes.

International Break for your Atlanta United FC
Then two more regular season games
To hang on to the one point lead
In the Eastern Conference.
We're going to the playoffs!

Your Midtown Bumblebees
Fumbled on 3 straight posessions
And lost to Duke
Yes, we are talking about football.
Cmahnnnn Flex Bone!

But hey, at least War Eagle lost
Biiiigg win for Rocky Top.
They hadn't won a conference game
In almost two years!

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers
Were on a bye week
So there was no way they could lose!

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Seem like they have big problems
But they got Big Saquon Barkley
And he ain't bad.

America's Team Cleveland Browns
Were brought back down to Earth
By Phillp Rivers and
Fantasy heartthrob Melvin Gordon
Those Chargers are for real

And tonight, Aaron Rogers' knee
Takes on what used to be
The San Fran Niners
On the MNF.