2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 7!

Week 7 In football
Fixture 33 in FOOTBALL!

Your Atlanta United FC
Set an MLS attendance record
With 901,033 fans,
Give yourself a round of applause!
They're one game away
From the Community Shield
And they're tickets are booked.
To next years CONCACAF Champions' League.
Set your DVR's now!

Your Boodawgs of the North Oconoee were on the bye
Cocktail Party this week
It'll be huge.

Your Midtown Bumblebees were on the bye as well
They'll do the Hokie Pokie Thursday night.

Your Decatur Street Panthers
Are your only team that played this weekend.
They lost.
Their southern fried Sun Belt chances are slim
But not starved yet!

Buffalo replaced Nathan Peterman
With Old Man Derek Anderson
So he could go to Indianapolis,
Throw 3 picks,
Score 5 points,
And lose.

Roll Tide reminded us
That corn won't grow at all
On Rocky Top
Dirt's too rocky, by far
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a jar.

We're all tired
Of luck going TB12's way
But a Trubisky hail mary edging
Left everyone a play late
And a yard short.

The Cleveland Browns
Enjoyed a couple weeks as America's Team
But a 59 yard field goal
In overtime.
From a kicker who missed two kicks earlier
Sent Cleveland fans
Back to whining about their head coach

And tonight, Mark Arum's Magic City Dirty Birds
Take on Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
On the MNF!