2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 9!

Week 9 in college
Week 8 in the NFL
And statement week in America!

Your number 5
Athens County Boodawgs
Hopped on I-75 Northbound
Headed up to Lexington
Chopped wood all the way
Up and back
And dashed
The only smidgeon of hope
Kentucky Football fans
Have had in half a century.

Your Midtown Bumblebees
Burned the barn
And burned the tar
Off the Tarheels
on 461 yards rushing
The Wramblin' Wreck
Have quietly won
4 of the last 5.

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Headed up I-85 to DC
Finally got Julio a TD
And took home the Dubya.

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Did not lose this week!
Because the didn not play.

But the Cleveland Browns
Played a game
That I wish they didn't play.

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers
Lost again.
This time to Texas State
Texas State?
I thought Texas State
Was a made up college
That they use
In insurance commercials.

It was a G.O.A.T. versus G.O.A.T.
In a goat rodeo
In Chowderland
The Hoodie always wins.

Roll Tide had them Tigers
Talking out the side
Of their own necks this week
571 total yards
Against the #3 team?
There's no stopping them this year.

Well maybe Clemson has a chance.
They rang up double sevens
And 661 yards
On what used to be Louisvulle.

And tonight,
The Houston Oilers
Take on Los Caballeros
On the MNF!