Football Minute Lyrics
2018 Week 11!

Week 11 in the NFL
Penultimate Week in college
Squash Match Week in America!

Your number 5 Boodawgs
Feasted on a Minuteman Cupcake
From Mark Arum's homeland.
They should be fat and happy
For the big showdown Saturday

Your Midtown Wramblin Wreck
Who won a thrller
In overtime
With one single completed pass.
Who needs to pass
When you can flex the bone!

Well, your Magic City Dirty Birds
Just about tapped out for the season
When Los Caballeros
Tapped in an FG FTW.

This Sunday
Your Atlanta United FC
Take on New York Red Bulls
In the first leg
Of a two legged
Aggregate game. Or games. Or series?
For the MLS Eastern Conference Championship!

The defending champion Iggles
Suffered the worst defeat
Of any defending champions ever
At the hands of Them Damn Saints.

The Citadel scored 10 points against Roll Damn Tide?
Maybe they are mortal.
How bout ya, War Eagle?

The Ohio State Buckeyes
Underwhelmed in Maryland
But snuck out a completely undeserved win
When the Terps had a premature 2PT fail.

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Are on a two game winning streak
They may just play themselves
Out of a decent draft spot.

And tonight
The most anticipated regular season football game ever
On the MNF!