2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 12!

Week 12 in the NFL
Rivalry Week in college
Gain 10 pounds week in America!

Your Atlanta United FC
Came up big
On their end
Of the two-legged MLS Eastern Conference Final.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate
Was over by halftime
Your number 4 Athens County Boodawgs
Shut down the run YDS
And turned up the pass TDS
And sent
Your Midtown Helluvan Engineers
Back down Georgia 316
With their stingers
Between their legs.

Now the Boodawgs
Get a chance at revenge
With Roll Tide Saturday

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Sputtered, fumbled, and failed
And got marched over by them Saints
It's officially over for the Falcons
We will see you next year.

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants'
Two game winning streak
Came to an end
And pretty much so did their season
As head coach Pat Shurmur
Said Saquon Barkley wont be playing much
From here on out.

America's Team, The Cleveland Browns
Went down to Cincinnati
And ended their 25 game road losing streak
And started a fresh losing streak
For their loser ex-head coach Lose Jackson.

Roll Tide won the Iron Bowl
Oregon won the Civil War
Washington won the Apple Cup
UCF won the War on I-4
Florida won the Sunshine Showdown
Arizona State won the Territorial Cup
Those other Boodawgs won the Egg Bowl
And The Ohio State Buckeyes
Whooped that team from up north
To win THE GAME.

And tonight
The new old Oilers
Take on the old old Oilers
On the MNF!