2018 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 13!

Week 13 in the NFL
Championship week in college
What do we do now week in America!

I'll tell ya what we do now
Your Atlanta United FC
Go for all the marbles in the MLS
I'll see ya at the Benzo!

Unfortunately, the Benzo's other tenant
Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Had 165 total yards of offense in their game

Your number 5 Upper Oconee Boodawgs
Were not intimidated
They jumped out to a lead
They took out Roll Tide's star QB
They out passed em
They outplayed em
They covered the spread
They pulled off a great fake punt...
Oh wait, no they didn't
They did everything they had to do
Except win.
You can never count the Nicktator out.
Happy New Years in Nawlins
Versus Hook Em Horns.

Boomer Sooner really had no business
Beathing Texas in the Big 12 Championship
Just like they had no business
Making the four team playoff
But that's how the committee voted
Now they get the honor of getting crushed by Roll Tide.

The Ohio State Buckeyes
Took care of Northwestern
But couldn't shake the taint
Of that rainy night in Lafayette, Indiana

Climzin held serve and took the ACC.
They're gonna smoke Notre Dame

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Shocked the world
And are well on their way to 8-8.

The Arizona Cardinals
Pulled off an upset so big
Green Bay fired their Superbowl winning coach.

And three Ex-Cleveland Browns quarterbacks
Started in the NFL this week.
Suprisingly, only one broke his leg.