2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 2!

Week 2 in the NFL
Squash Match week in college
2 HOF QBs got DNFs

YourTthinkin Pink Boodawgs
Stacked up a double nickel cupcake
And frosted it between the hedges.
Keep choppin wood, Kirby.

Your Atanta United
Could've clinched a playoff spot with a win
Against the lowly Columbus Crew.
But they lost, Cmon Guzan, stop loosin.

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers
W oke up from their dream run
After getting run over
O on the mean streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Somebody else's Wramblin Wreck
L ost to the military school
Your dad used to threaten to send you to

Julio Jones hit 20 miles per hour
On his big play
For your Magic City Dirty Birds
And like a tasty 7 and 7,
They're keeping it even at 1 and 1
Matty Ice kept it even too
With 3 TDS and 3INTs.

Roll Tide rolled to Columbia
And made chicken wraps
Out of the Gamecocks.

War Eagle also hung double nickels up
On Ohio powerhouse Kent State?

The Ohio State Buckeyes
Hung a nickel and a penny
on the John Cougar Mellencamps

The New England Goats
Looked like the best team ever
and The Miami Manatees
Looked like the worst team ever.
41 Defensive fantasy points? What?

The Maryland Turtleheads
Finally climbed into the Top 25.
Then they lost to Temple.
Nice job.

I have a feeling
We don't need to remind Mark Arum
That his New York Football Giants
Might not win a game this year.

And tonight,
America's Team, The Cleveland Browns
Head to the swamps of Jersey
To celebrate 50 years of football on the MNF.