2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 3!

Week 3 in the NFL
Make A Statement Week in college
Equinox week in America

Your Classic City Boodawgs
Played an average game
Against an average team
Why is the golden domers coming to town
Such a big deal?

Tech was on a bye....thankfully!
Wait, they had a bye week already?

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers
Went to Triple OT with Texas State
But they couldn't hold on

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Set the stage
For Jacoby Brissett's
Coming out party

Your Atlanta United
Moved into second place
By levelling the Earthquakes
Let's hope Josef Martinez is ok

Roll Tide and The ACC Tigers
Both dined on cupcakes...again

One of the SEC Western Tigers
Hung a pair of sixes on Vandy
The Other SEC Western Tigers
Got Peace Eagled by the Aggies

The Lions are undefeated?
The Bills are undefeated?
The Steelers are 0-3?
The Broncos are 0-3?

Russel Wilson threw for 400 yards
But lost to 2nd time around rookie
Teddy Bridgovertroubledwaters

THE Ohio State Buckeyes
Scored 76 unanswered points
Againt the other Miami

It's a new day for
Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Because Deputante Daniel Jones
Is undefeated

America's Team Cleveland Browns
Are gonna figure it out sooner or later

And tonight
Upstart Case Keenum
Takes on downstart Mitch Trubisky
On the MNF