2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 4!

Week 4 in the NFL
Mud Hole Stomping week in college
Glare season begins week in America

Your Midtown Wrambling Wreck
Were a wreck indeed
After Temple
Shredded them into Philly Cheesesteaks

Your Auburn Avenue Panthers
And Your Sanford Hedge Clippers
Both enjoyed byes, meh

Your Atlanta United
Are in the MLS playoffs
Head down to the Benzo Sunday
And congratulate them!

Your Magic City Chickens
Lost again
Despite Matty Ice throwing for 4Hundy

Roll Tide
Gave up 31 points!
But they scored 59

The Ain'ts
Coralled the Caballeros
Without Scoring a touchdown!

America's Team
The New Cleveland Browns
Racked up 40
On the Old Cleveland Browns
Look out!

Carolina Blue
Decided to go for 2
And fell 1 short
Of knocking off
Number 1

Gator beat
Shut out
A community college team

Boomer Sooner
Hung double nickels
On the Tech of Texas

Tampa Bay
Were members
Of the double nickel club as well

It's a new day
For Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
2-0 with the new kid under center
And the new kid in the backfield

And last night
One of the most unanticpated
Monday night games ever
The one 0-3 team
Beat the other 0-3 team