2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 8!

Week 8 in the NFL
Take a vacation week in college
Halloween week in America

Your Atlanta Booonited FC
Blanked the Philadelphia Tomb-ion
To Advance to
The MLS Eastern Conference Finals
At The Benzo
Tickets still available!

Your Warlocks of Mechanicsville
Rolled up 390 yards rushing
And called the hangman
Cause they hung half a hundred on Troy
Buy tickets for the App State game
In a couple weeks already!

Your Blood Magic City Vampire Bats
Were all trick and no treat
Even though the ghost of Matt Schaub
Threw for 480 yards

Your Boo Boo Boooodawgs
Were on a bye bye bye this week

The Haunted Wreck of Midtown Tech
Were on a bye bye bye as well

Mark Arum's Boooo York Football Giants
Got Jack-O-Lanterned
By the Seattle Screamhawks
Saquon's bark
Wasn't worse than his bite

Americas Team Cleveland Browns
Are a nightmare in the graveyard

The San Phantomcisco Gory Niners
Also conjured the hangman
To hang half a hundred
On the Carolina Black Cats

And tonight
Mason Boodolph
And the Witchburgh Squealers
Take on
Ryan Fitzmagic
And the Miami Skullphins
On the MNF