2019 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 9!

Week 9 in the NFL
Separation week in college
Halloween to Xmas transition week in America

Your South Down 95 South Georgia Boodawgs
Went down South
To The Cocktail Party
Ya, I said it
They took it to the North Up 95 Gators
And Jake Fromm
Was droppin the bombs

Your Midtown Wramblin Wreck
Went up to Pitt
Fell in a pit
Forget about it
They're rebuilding

Your Atlanta United FC
Fought bravely
In the MLS Eastern Conference Final
But scored too soon
And lost their lead to Toronto
Great season nonetheless

Your Hank Aaron Drive Panthers
Were on a well-deserved bye this week
Two weeks til App State at home
Get your tickets now!

Your Magic City Dirtybirds
Did not lose this week
Because they were on an UNdeserved bye

America's Team Cleveland Browns
Are no longer America's Team
And no longer much a of team

DeShaun Watson claims
That the Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwiches
He ate
Fixed his eye
After it got ripped out of his head
You're welcome, DeShaun!

The New York Football Jets
Were nice enough
To escort
The Dolphins off the schnide
And into the 1-7 club

And tonight
Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Look to make
Los Caballeros
0 and 2 in the state of New Jersey this year
On the MNF