2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 3!

Week 3 in the NFL
SEC Is Underway Week in college
Playoffs Everywhere Week in America!

Your Upper Oconee Boodawgs
Worked out the kinks
Enough to hold off the Hogs
Welcome back

Your downtown Panthers
To the people down at the testing lab.

Speaking of Jeez,
Your Magic City Dirtybirds
Lost ANOTHER second half lead
This time to a backup QB
Too bad that backup QB
Is a Super Bowl MVP
First team in NFL history
to lose back-to-back 15+ point
Fourth quarter leads

Your Midtown Bumblebees
Got juiced by the Oranges
Tech quarterback Jeff Sims
leads the nation
in interceptions

The other SEC Boodawgs
beat the defending champs!
Welcome to the SEC Mike Leach!

The Chiefs are unstoppable
The Steelers just find ways to win
The Eagles and Bengals tied
Ties suck.
Aaron Rogers isn't that old
Neither is Drew Brees
Nick Saban has never lost a home opener
Do The Volunteers have a good team this year?

America's Team Cleveland Browns
Are over .500
For the first time
In 6 years!

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Now hold that record.
55 weeks under .500.
They just can't catch a break
They can't catch a pass either
Or run the ball
They got a couple field goals though

And its already almost time for NFL week 4
So get your waiver wire moves in now!