2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 4!

Week 4 in the NFL
No ranking is safe week in college
Wear a mask week in America

Your downtown Panthers
Rolled out
A school record 35-point first half
As they swashbuckled the Pirates

Your Upper Oconee Boodawgs
Sicced em at home.
The long and winding road
For Stetson Bennett
Leads to your shrubs

Nothing like a trip to Vandy
For some rehab
For the Bayou Bengals

Nothing like a trip
To Ames Iowa
To make the Sooners
Feel like Laters.

Nothing like a trip
To wherever the hell Tulane is
For UCF's dreams to die.

The Nicktator
19-0 versus former assistants
And Roll Damn Tide
And The Aggies
Combined for 994 yards
Of total offense

Houston is 0-4?
See ya Bill O-Brien
Buffalo is 4-0?
They're the best team in New York?
Yes! In fact,
They're the only team in New York
That has won a game this year!

America's Team
Cleveland Browns
Ran it up on the Cowpokes
Then they let them come back a little
So Jerrah could have something to feel good about

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Are only two wins away
From being atop the NFC East
And a post-game brawl
About pregnant sisters
Was the big news of the day

Improvised double header tonight
Brian Hoyer likes an upset

And your Magic City Dirty Birds
Will try to play four quarters
Against The Cheese Balls
On the MNF