2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 9!

Week 9 in the NFL
We Don't Know Who To Believe Week in college
Moonlight Through The Pines Week in America

Your Savannah State Boodawgs
Hung it up for another year
No one likes watching Florida win
Just goes to show ya
That a little cocktail party
Ain't as good as a big cocktail party

Your Downtown Panthers
Got down with a rebound
And set a school record
For points scored in the first half of a game
But they're still bringing up the caboose
In the mighty Sun Belt East

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Can barely hold a lead
But they're the best the 3-6 team in the NFC
Take back everything you said
About Matty Ice
10-6 starts today!

Notre Dame beat Clemson in double OT
I wish both teams could've lost!

The Mid American Conference returned to action
Pittsburgh is 8-0
Tom Brady got his worst butt kicking ever
Michigan still sucks

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Kinda looked like a football team
When they beat the Washington Football Team
They STILL are only two games off the pace
In the NFC Least

In case you needed an extra reason
To dislike New York and Boston
The Jets and Patriots
Are a combined 2-13
On the MNF