2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 11!

Week 11 in the NFL
Who Needs Defense Week in college
Stay Home For Thankgsgiving Already week in America

First Things First
In fantasy football
Mark Arum's team: Russ From Gainesville
Lead Johnny KIelbasa's THE Sausage Huts 95-84
Going into last night
Johnny had the Rams D
Mark had Chris Godwin
Russ in Gainesville prevailed. NOOOOO.

Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Lost to a kid
Who had more tackles than pass completions
Coming into the game
Matty Ice got sacked 8 times
Cmon, guys.
9-7 starts now!

Your Athens Technical College Boodawgs
Beat them other Boodawgs
With a big haul from the new kid
401 passing yards for the Transferred Trojan
Good thing, because they had 8 yards rushing
You take the good
You take the bad
You take em both
And there you have
The Boodawgs

Your downtown Panthers
Beat Alabama!
The Jaguars of South Alabama
Seven sacks from the D
And 3 TDs from Tucker Gregg
Buy your Panthers Tshirts now

That other Alabama
beat Kentucky by six decades

America's Team
The Cleveland Browns
Are 7-3
And remember
An ugly 7-3
Is still 7-3

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Took the week off
And moved up in the standings
Of the NFC Least
Just a half a game out of the lead

And last night
A sunshine standoff
The Goff beat the The G.O.A.T
On the MNF