2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 12!

Week 12 in the NFL
Eat A Turkey, Bowl A Turkey Week in the metro
How Many Days Til Xmas Week in America

4 teams on my radar
4 teams with wins!
Shots are on the house!

Blowout alert!
Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Are definitely the best 4-7 team in the NFL
Matty Nice only needed a buck 85
Younghoe Koo
5 for 5 on the FG
4 for 4 on the XP
That's a lot of FP for your K

Blowout alert!
Your Stone Mountain Freeway Boodawgs
Took advantage of the plague
And took out whatever was left of the Gamecocks

Blowout alert!
Your Midtown Bumblebees
Finally squeezed a game in in No Game November
Jeff Sims was running and passing up a storm

Upset alert!
Your Downtown Panthers
Won the battle of North West Central South Georgia
Cornelius Brown IV with a career high passing game

Tyreek Hill had a whole lotta
Derrick Henry had a whole lotta
Patrick Mahomes had a whole lotta
Will Fuller had a whole lotta
Nick Chubb always has a whole lotta

Denver has to play without QBs
And Baltimore Pittsburgh gets to wait til Wednesday?

Can you believe it
Mark Arums New York Football Giants
With a -39 point differential
And a 3 game winning streak
Are officially in first place
In the NFC Least

And tonight
Marks team will take first all alone
After the Seahawks
Squash the Iggles
On the MNF