2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 13!

Week 13 in the NFL
Maybe You're Done, Maybe You're Not Week in college
Get shopping already week in America!

Your upper Oconee Boodawgs
Took the week off, were given the week off?
I don't know anymore.

And apparently
Your Downtown Panthers
Are just done for the year.
Nice job fellas.
Buy your Georgia State tshirts now.

Your Midtown Bumblebees
Actually played a game
They outgained the Wolfpack
But got chewed up in the end

'Your Magic City Dirtybirds
Were the best 4-7 team in the NFL
However now
They are not the best
4-8 team in the NFL
See ya next year, Falcons.

Welcome to the top 25, Marshall
If you're in the top 25
You're not supposed to get shut out
By Rice

The New York Football Jets
Are turning losing
Into an art
Unfortunately they fired their lead losing artist
See ya Triple G!

America's Team
The Cleveland Browns
Had a 38 point first half
And a 3 point second half
Still good enough
To take them to 9-3
For the first time since 1994

All alone for the moment
High atop
The NFC Least
Riding the big arm of Colt McCoy
Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Beat a good team!
Time to get on the bandwagon NYC!

And now
And tonight
And tomorrow
There's plenty more NFL Football to watch
Steelers Football Team Now
Bills Niners later
Ravens Cowpokes tomorrow