2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 17!

Final Regular Season Week in the NFL
Crappy Bowls and Great Semi-Finals Week in College
Happy New Year Week in America

Your Upper Oconee Boodawgs
Barely beat the JV team from Ohio
45 yards rushing in a bowl game, Boodawgs
Better chop some wood in the offseason, Kirby

Your Downtown Panthers
Summmmmmited the Western Kentucky's Hilltoppers
To win the prestigious Lending Tree Bowl
Quad Brown is gonna be good next year
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Your Magic City Dirty Birds
Mercifully ended their season
Thanks guys!
Let's hope The Falcons make the right move
And hire Raheem Morris full time.

The Nicktator
Showed America
That Notre Dame
Had no business
In the playoff

THE Ohio State Buckeyes
Showed America
That Clemson
Had no business
In the playoff neither

Sorry about your luck Dolphins
Sorry about your luck Cowboys
Sorry about your luck Adam Gase
Sorry about your luck Anthony Lynn
Sorry about your luck Doug Marrone

Mark Arum's New York Football Giants
Actuallly went into the final week of the season
With a chance to win the NFC Least
But they failed to bank it
Because the Eagles tanked it
Giants win the NFC Least next year
I guarantee it.

America's Team
The Cleveland Browns
Had to beat the Steelers backups
To break an 18 year playoff drought
They did!
And they get to play the Steelers again next week
In the Super Wild Card