2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Divisional Week!

Divisional Weekend in the NFL
Offseason in college
Change is a comin week in America

The professional football quarterfinals
Took place over two days this weekend
Two big games on Saturday
Two big games on Sunday
Even if you're team isnt playing
Even if the crowds were sparse
America loves playoff football

Once upon an afternoon dreary
The Ravens pondered, weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume
Of forgotten lore
They had forgotten
About the Bills defense
And a 101 yard pick 6
See ya Ratbirds

In the frozen, nearly empty tundra
Jared Goff
Couldnt really get off
But Aaron Rogers
Gave the Rogers rate
To the vaunted Rams defense
It wasn't really close
Rodgers all but sealed his NFL MVP

In the big sleazy
The G.O.A.T.
Sent the old goat
Off into retirement
Three pics for Brees
A breeze of a fourth quarter for Brady
Now the king heads to Winterfell
To defend King's Landing
From the King In The North

And in Kansas City
All good things
Must come to an end
And the good fans
Of America's Team
The Cleveland Browns
Will have a brand new chapter to ponder
In their giant book
Of sports heartbreaks
But when you're playing with house money
A loss aint that bad.
Yes it is.