2020 Football Minute Lyrics
Super Wildcard Week!

Super Wildcard Week in the NFL
Don't You Wish You Had A Natty Week in college
You Just Take It Easy Now week in America

Buffalo is the minor league of organized crime
But the Bills mafia
Took Fredo out to the middle of the lake
And ended it already
The #2 seed Bills will host
Saturday night

They will host
The Baltimore Rat Birds
Who Got Lamar Jackson his first playoff victory
Titans could be happy
About winning the AFC South
But really
They didnt do much

Jared Goff
Got hurt
Gave away his job
To a kid

That got hurt
And gave him his job back
Gave away
The NFC West
To Russell and the Seahawks
But vengeance
Was a dish best served Rams

Can Drew Brees
Just retire already?
Not this week
Because the Saints
Got the luck of the draw
And played a team
That didn't belong in the playoff
Old goat versus THE G.O.A.T next week

Speaking of goats
And unworthy playoff teams
Tom Brady
Flexed his goat muscles
And Worshington
Didn't know what to do
By the Super Bowl
Brady will just be
A big ball of fire
Throwing TDS

Last night
In the belly of the beast
Against Dr. Evil himself
The hapless
Cleveland Browns
Exorcised all the demons
All at once
And beat the Yinzers
At home
In the playoffs woo!
They'll upset KC next week.

And tonight
THE Ohio State Buckeyes
Will soundly defeat
The Nicktator
For all the college marbles.