2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 2: Full Swing!

Your Georgia Boodawgs baaaarely beat Mizzouuuuuuu weeeee. Shwew! Sick 'em!

Their sister school, the South Carolina State Boodawgs got spayed and neutered by the Death Valley Tigers

Your Wramblin wreck turned the Music City Commodores into easy like Sunday morning

Your Georgia State Panthers had a respectable showing against Wisco. Not bad for a Division 3 school!

Your Atlanta Falcons beat the Oakland Raiders thanks to 400 yards and 3TDs from Matty Ice

The Cleveland Browns blew a 20 point lead and got hosed on a bunk taunting call to lose to the Ravens

The Rocky Top Volunteers took a big hit but still bested the Bongcats from The OHIO University

THE Ohio STATE University Buckeyes humiliated the entire Big 12 conference with their huge win over Boomer Sooner humor rumor

Ole Miss shoulda coulda woulda beat Roll tide but they ended up rolling over. War's over, Reb. Chad Kelly couldn't pull that one out

The Bean city Eagles got destroyed by the Hokie Dokies and that's no jokey

The fantasy football move of the week was me picking Matt Forte to run huge on thursday night

EEEEEverybody wants Notre Dame to be good and eeeevery year Sparty shows them the way to the door

And it's Monday night and football is still on. The Midway Monsters are getting beat by Rocky Balboa's greasy birds