Football Minute Transcipts
Week 3: Taking Shape!

Your Georgia Boodawgs pulled their annual early season choke job against Rebby Rebcakes. Is Mark Richt still coaching in Athens?

The wramblinwreck helluvanengineers got clawed by the Climzone Teegros. Stick that in your triple option and read the defensive end on it.

Your Georgia State Panthers were idle this week. That mustve been why it was so easy to get downtown saturday.

But luckily the Georgia Southern Screaming Eagles played Western Michigan Whoever they are in the Why Even Bother Bowl.

The Rocky Top Volunteers baited the Gators for the first time since Erik Ainge and Rick Clausen played dueling quarterbacks

How in the hell did the Kent State Golden Flashes end up in Tuscaloosa Alabama? Did spring break come early? Did they take a wrong turn at Talledega?

The Miami Findos put up a MegaSUNdowner canopy over their stadium this year. Now Dolphins stadium looks like Old Trafford. United! United! United! They welcomed in the Cleveland Browns, and after the Browns' kicker who they hired off the street missed 3 FGs, the Phins won in overtime

The Houstown Texans got blanked by The New Boston Bellichickians and to top it off, JJ Watt hurt his back and is out for the season

LSU lost to Auburn, then they beat Auburn, then they lost to Auburn. Then they lost their coach. DOH!

Finally, your Atlanta Falcons got to play on Monday Night Football, where they laughed with the sinners and made the Saints cry. The sinners are obviously more fun.