2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 5!

Your Home Park Bumblebees need to do some more conditioning in practice, because they keep losing fourth quarter leads.
This time they lost to the ghosts of Dan Marino and Tony Dorset in the form of Pitt's throwback uniforms

Your Clarke County Boodawgs got a Chubby and beat the Gamecocks for their first ever sunday victory.

Matty Ice and Julio Jones came back down the earth but the Vine City Birds of Prey held on to take down the Super Bowl champs.

The Ann Arbor Harbaughs beat Rutgers 78 to nothing. Those New Jersey Salami slicers have been outscored 136 to zip over the past two weeks.
Perhaps they should play Georgia State or Georgia Southern instead of Big Ten Schools.

Tom Brady returned from suspension and took his vengeance and anger out on the deflated Cleveland Browns. It just wasnt fair.

Your Georgia State Panthers ripped and tore their way past the Texas State Bobcats. The Georgia Dome is hot these days.

There aint no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top this week. The magic ran out, when the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas nipped them in OT.

The Dallas Cowboys apparently don't need Tony Romo or Dez Bryant to be a good team. Most of America hates it when America's team win.

And theres still a game to be played tonight. Cam Newton got a noggen knocker so Immortal backup QB Derek Anderson will try to continue his magical ways against the Florida Pirates on Mondee night football.
Both teams are suprisingly 1 and 3. It's just like old times.