2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 6!

Week 6 or 7...Somewhere in the duldrums of bye weeks!

Your Georgia State Panthers almost pulled one out but the Troy Trojans used protection and pulled out and pulled away to win.

The Wramblin Bees of Atlantic Station finally found someone their own size to pick on, and stole a win from Georgia Southern Fried.

Drew Brees went BREESzerk on the NFC Champion Panthers. So much so that Cam Newton whimpered and cried and left the post game press conference early. NEXT QUESTION!

Your Magic City Falcones got squeaked by the sheattle shehawks. Too bad my fantasy QB Russel Wilson had 0 touchdowns. Atlanta is in the nroth part of the AFC South right now.

Georgia, Georgia...no peace I find. Just an homecoming choke job to Vandy...keeps Georgia on mind.

Colin Capernick got off his knees and into the game just in time to get stampeded by the Beefalo Bulls.

Thanks for playing Rocky Top. The dream is over. Roll Tide spanked the orange right off the vols. We wont be seeing them back in the top ten any time soon.

Between football plays and pharmaceutical commercials the Sons of the Cuyahoga are well on their way to sweeping Dudley Doright all the way into hockey season.

The Buckeyes of THE Ohio State University beat Wisconsin, who was the same team that beat LSU.

And there's still football being played The house of cards are beating bennie and the jets on monday night football.