2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 7!

Your Georgia Boodawgs were idle....sooo uhhhhh. At least they didnt lose!

But luckily Georgia Tech was on the field...no wait, they were idle too. What the??

Well your Georgia State Panthers beat the University of Tennessee....MARTIN!

Roll Tide took the Agricultural AND Mechanical out of Texas AandM.
The Aggies may have been overrated.

THE Ohio State University Buckeyes lost a heartbreaker thanks to a no call Pass Interference and white out conditions in sucky valley. UGH!

The Magic City Falcones lost another close one. No one should be losing to San Diego, guyss, cmon!

The Retirement City Cardinals and the Grunge State Seahawks fought a to an overtime deadlock, touchdownless battle of attritional draw. WHY EVEN BOTHER!
But you know what they say, a tie is like kissing Fenik's sister.

Even though no one wants to hear it, The New England Patriots are the best team ever and may never lose again.

The Cleveland Browns are 0 and 7, that's gotta we some kind of record. At least Cleveland is wining every thing else these days.

Mark Arum's own New York Giants hopped the pond to London's hallowed Wembley Stadium and made bangers and mash out of the LA Ramshackles.
It is 5,434 miles from the LA Coliseum to Wembley Stadium. That's a long way to go to watch bad football.