2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 9!

Your Athens County Kennel cleaners tried to blow a game in Lexington,
but the Blue Moon of Kentucky stopped shining just long enough for the dawgs to bark one out

Your Humble Bumblebees of southern midtown stepped in tar and now they're Carolina Blue with regret.

Your Georgia State Panthers woahs continue. If they lose again I'm not even gonna mention them!

Your Magic City Greasebirds are deep frying the NFC South right about now. Time to start thinking playoffs in Atlanta because the rest of the division sucks.

Your Marist Red Foxes beat Matcham's Stetson Hatters with a dramatic last second touchdown. I didn't even know Stetson had a football team.

Notre Dame Drunken Uncles lost again HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA See ya next year

War Eagle is on the warpath, gettin a handy from the Vandy and now they're randy and dandy

What the hell got into Penn State? The Happy Valley Cats are 7-2 and they beat the corn out of the Hawkeyes. That could cause problems.

The Boston Tea Partiers had a bye this week. Bad news for my fantasy team because it's chock full of those teabaggers. Thanks for nothing Rashard Jennings.

Look out Pac12, the WOrshington Huskies are looking to upset everyone's apple carts when playoff time rolls around

The Cleveland Browns are 0-9 for the first time in franchise history. Paul Brown is laughing in his grave because the Browns fired him and then he founded the Kentucky Bengals.

And Monday Night football just finished up Seattle over Buffalo.