2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 10!

Your Athens county Boodawgs played War Eagle title spoiler this week. The Tigers felt the AwwwwBurnnnn there.

Rocky Top beat The Lexington Blue Moons to keep their SEC hopes alive as long as Gatorbait loses its next couple.

The wramblin wreck won the nerd bowl over Hokie smokey, they're both kind of a jokey though.

You don't even need to know what your hapless Ga St Panthers did this weekend. Get them a new stadium already.
The Georgia Dome is ugly when it's full, its even uglier when it's empty.

Your Magic City Dirty birds came back down to Earth after they ate one too many cheesesteaks up north. They're still two games ahead of the pace in the atrocious NFC south.

The Marist Red Foxes closed ended their year a thud, falling to some team from Ohio.

You can't leave too much time on the clock for Big Ben,
except when you leave so much time on the clock that Big Ben scores then leaves enough time on the clock for Rookie Batman and Rookie Robin to drive down the field and score and win.
That Los Vaqueros and the Picksburgh Yinzers game had 18 lead changes.

Turnabout became fair play sunday night when Tom Brady threw an incomplete pass so hard that it punctured Rob Gronkowski's lung.
Have a smoke Gronk!

Roll Tide wiped the snot off the snouts of the Boodawgs out west.
The Nicktator is really storming the Sudetenland this year.

And who knew Mark Arum's favorite Riverboat Gambler Ben McAdoo would ring it up again to get the Giants on a four game winning streak and into the playoff picture