2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 11!

Your Athens County Shrub Dusters beat the spicy seasoning off the ragin cajun puddin pie for about 3 quarters then they let em get a couple garbage time TDs to make this game look closer than it really was.

They need to add a new notch in the Sun Belt because it was bursting at the seams this weekend as Your Downtown Panthers made an 8 piece box out of those Georgia Southern Fried Chickens.

Your Midtown Smart Kids read the defensive end and executed the triple option just well enough to take down Thomas Jefferson State University.

The Swamp City Alligators and the Baton Rouge Rascals rescheduled their playdate that Hurricane Matthew ruined. Presbyterian and South Alabmama must feel like stranded prom dates caught with nothing but half a beer and boutineer.

Your Magic City Grease birds were on a bye this week. And that means every one of your local teams left this weekend with a big Dubya.

The Ohio State University Buckeyes may have Squeaked by Sparty but they'll be in your top 4 after they dismatntle the team UP North this saturday.

Roll Tide and War Eagle should both be well rested for the Iron Bowl this week as they both won their squash matches clean in the middle 1 2 3!

Get ready America, Rivalry weekend is on the way!

Y en Ciudad Mexico en el Estadio Azteca los Raiders y Los Texans juego football Norte Americano a hora