Football Minute Transcipts
Week 13!

Your Magic City Greasebirds took the lead late over the chiefs but uhhhhh they gave up a pick 6 to lose the game. Oops, I mean a pick two! So many misnomers this week...

In the SEC championship game, Roll Tide made alligator nuggets out of Flo-rida and his furry boots down at the Omni.
The Nicktator is number one in the country and set up perfectly to be upset in the college football playoffs.

Boomer Sooner made their land run over the OSU Cowpokes in the Bedlam series slash de facto Big Ten, I mean Big Twelve Championship Game.

No more taint in Happy Valley. The Lions of Nittany outclawed the Wisco Badgers in the Big 14...I mean Big Ten Championship game

There's 10 teams in the Big Twelve and 14 teams in the Big Ten. Ugh.

At least the Pac 10 changed their name to the PAC 12 when they added two teams to their conference.
Damn coastal elites and their edumacation!

The Colorweedo Beefalos tipped their horns to America just long enough to get their little big boy pants torn off by the Huskies.

The Climzone Tahhhgers gave the pokie to the Hokies in the ACC Championship gamegame.
Kinda anti-climatic for both teams since they had to play in Orlando.
At least the ACC had the sense to not include a number in their conference name.
Damn coastal elites with their educmacation.

And your Ohio State Buckeyes are in the Final Four Footbal Festival.
They didn't make their conference championship game and lost to the winner of their conference.
But they won everything else so, ENJOY THE ROSE BOWL PENN STATE. We got bigger Tigers to fry.