2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Week 14!

Your Vine City Birds of Prey ripped the horns off the Rams so bad that they fired their immortal head coach Jeff Fisher.
Oddly enough that leaves Jeff Fisher tied with Falcon legend Dan Reeves for most losses for an NFL head coach.

The rumor mill is already cranking up to full speed at that news.
Idiots on Twitter are reporting that Michigan's Jim Harbagh is at the top of the list to replace Fisher.
Harbaugh is reportedly up for a change after realizing that he will NEVER BEAT URBAN MYER'S OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.

The Black Knights of the pretend Army beat the Midshipmen of the pretend Navy for their first victory in 14 years in the game that no one has cared about for about 50 years.
Hope they enjoyed the football game because this time next year they'll be getting shipped off to war!

RG3 made his return to the Cleveland Browns. He had RG1 interceptions and RGZero touchdown passes. The Browns are un-undefeated.

Christiano Rinaldo beat out Lionel Messi to win the ballon d'or award for the fourth time.
For those of you that don't speak French, Ballon d'Or means a balloon full of European wussies.

Russell Wilson threw 5 interceptions on the frozen tundra while the Seahawks got whitewashed by the Packers.
And Wilson pretty much whitewashed my chances of winning my fantasy football league. Thanks Russell!

And tonight on Monday night football, the Patriots are trying to give the game away but the Ravens just wont let them.