2016 Football Minute Lyrics

The NFL playoffs are set and your Magic City Dirty Birds grabbed the number 2 seed in the NFC and get the week off. Nice job, fellas!
Could this be the year for Atlanta in the Superbowl? Hell no it cant be! Well maybe if there's an ice storm and a murder or two.

Your Georgia State Panthers just closed their deal on Turner field. So their field will be bigger than Georgia Tech's and they will get about one tenth of the fans.
I wonder if they'll give me the remote to the big tv in center field during the games next year. It's the only way I'm gonna go watch.

Your midtown helluva Engineers slayed the Hilljack hillcats in the Taxslayer bowl. Long live the triple option.
Your Athens county Boodawgs took liberties on the horny frogs in the Libery Bowl. That couldve been painful.

The Sooners took it to War Eagle in the bowl full of sugar
That didn't help the medicine go down.
Everything came up roses for USC in their home game in the away stadium across town,
Penn State's dream season came up a day late and a field goal short.

Western Michigan made a good case for a second tier championship playoffs because they went undefeated and didnt stand a chance against an average big ten team.

Clemson gave the Ohio State Buckeyes a prostate exam in more ways than one.
They're off to roll tide in the national championship game.
Roll tide gave the pusky to the Huskies.
Best of luck to Clemson.
No one like Bama cept Bama!