Football Minute Transcipts
Divisional Weekend!

The NFL Divisional playoffs went down this weekend. Divisional playoff means that each of the NFL's Divisional champions played each other in a playoff.
Except that's not really true because there are wildcard teams involved too.
Except none of the wildcard teams won last week so it's kinda true.
Who knew? Not me; not you.

Deep in the clogged heart of Texas in the football cathedral Jerry built, los Caballeros lived up to their reputation of winning when it doesn't count and blowing it in the playoffs.
Look out for Aaron Rogers.

The Midwest Wahoos and the Steel City Yinzers had to move their start time back to avoid a huge ice storm.
Picksburgh had to kick 6 field goals and play great D to win the game.
Scoring 6 field goals in a playoff game and winning is like bunting for 9 innings and winning a baseball game 1 to nothing.

The Foxboro Tea partiers rolled over the Half Frozen Oilers.
Tom Brady doest feel pressure, in fact, he sucks pressure out of the air just like he sucked air pressure out of those footballs. Did they check the pressure this week?

And Your Magic City Dirty Birds defended the Lame Duck Dome against the evil hawks of the sea.
Matty Ice came UP big and nailed DOWN the MVP of the NFC because he's the BMOC in the ATL with a high QBR, lots of TDs, very few INTs, and hopefully no STDs.

So nothing but arguably the best and most clutch QB of the last 10 years stands between The Falcons and The Superbowl.