Football Minute Transcipts
Pro Bowl!

Pro Bowl! The Pro Bowl is neither pro nor a bowl. Discuss!

All the finest from the NFL except the very finest players on the very finest teams who will play in the very finest game this week played in a not so fine but not so bad exhibition game in a stadium in a non-NFL town.

The Pro Bowl is the most useless major sport all star game but it never competes against anything so who really cares. I would've liked to have seen a Batle of The Network Stars worked into the weekend.

The winners got 30 thousand dollars more than the losers, so it wasn't all just not for nothin.

The Playdough color rush red team beat the Playdough color rush blue team.

Holding the ProBowl in Orlando on a sunday night instead of Hawaii in the middle of their afternoon actually made for a better game.
It looks like the players actually tried a little.
And the crowd of 60,000 at Happy Camper stadium didn't hurt either.

The score mattered as much as a Harlem Globetrotters versus Washington Generals game.

The king of meaningless games, Andy Dalton, was the leading Fantasy Point getter in the game.
So for all of you in Pro Bowl Fantasy leagues, you won your championship if you had him!

The game ended in a fun fashion with an intercption return dipsy doodle lateral rundown run around.

The crowd cheered for every big play like an English crowd would for an NFL game when they play in London. Who cares?

The game also coincided with the Royal Rumble, which, as well know, begins the road to Wrestlemania!