2016 Football Minute Lyrics
Wildcard Weekend!

The NFL Playoffs are underway during undercard week I watched in my underwear as I understandably almost always do.

The Emerald City Searats took it to the Rust City Lions.
Thomas Rawls said You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine becase I'm a Natural Man in the middle of Tobacco Road.

The star at night was bright and tight saturday deep in the clogged heart of Texas where the Oilers lubed up the headless Carrless careless los Raiders.
But the big star of the game was JK Watt, who was hurt on the sidelines.
But you would've thought he was in there making tackles though because TV decided to show him every 10 seconds throughout the entire game.

In Pukesburg, Big Ben, his Big D, and lots of hillbillies waiving dirty towels turned the frozen Dolphins into illegally harvested tuna casserole.
We all know Big Ben is too stupid to feel pain, and too knobheaded to acknowledge a pass rush.
Look out for those Yinzers.

Up north, Aaron Rogers put the fundra back in the frozen tundra chucking up balls and ringing up touchdowns.
Mark Arum's football Giants had a good first half but Odell was looking a little too Slodell for comfort in the cold.
The Pack is whack but they might be back.

And in the Dr. Pepper Bowl, the Nicktator Rollin Tide finally came back down to earth after Keyshawn Dotson pulled a Vince Young and Dabo let the tears fly.
I don't like Clemson, but I like Bama even less.