Game of Thrones Season 6 Minute Lyrics
Episode 10: Winds of Winter

In King's Landing
Strap on your finery, it's time to die!
The 7 Septons walk in like the NWO
7 Septons 4 Liiiife
On the under card
It's Loras vs. everybody
Loras wilts like the Rose he is
Depravity, dishhonesty, profligacy, and arrogance
Time for a new forehead!

In the Red Keep, Tommen gets grounded by The Mountain
In Qyburn's Qandy corner
The Grand Maester meets the kids
See ya Grand Maester!
Lancel takes a wrong turn
and takes a knife to the kidney
Margery smells a rat
But the faith is too strong to let her leave then
See ya Sept of Baelor!
See ya High Sparrow!
See ya Mace Tyrell!
See ya Margery Tyrell!
See ya Loras Tyrell!
see ya Kevan lannister!
See ya Lancel Lannister!
See ya Faith Militant!

Now it's time to get Medeival on Septa Unella
Time to ride space mountain, Septa, wooo! Shame!
He is your god now.
tOMMEN takes off his crown
and takes the Nestea plunge
See ya Tommen!

Meanwhile at the Twins
Walder Frey and Jamie have a drink

Meanwhile back at King's Landing
Cersei says burn him and bury his ashes where the Sept stood.
She's cold as ice, but full of fire!

Meanwhile in Old Town
Sam and Gilly hit the admissions office
And the library!

Meanwhile in Winterfell
John sat way down there
Davos tosses his whittling at the Red Lady
And demands a confession

The Red Lady plays the Nights King card and gets a one way ticket south
John and Sansa need to trust each other
A white raven came from the citadel
Winter is here, as father promised

Meanwhile in Dorne
Lady Olenna tells the sand snakes what time it is
Survival is not what i'm after
Survival is Ring a ding ding, it's VARYS!!
Fire and blood!

Mereenhwhile in Mereen
Daario Nahaaris is installed as mayor
And Slaver's Bay is now the Bay of Dragons!
Tyrion is terrible at consoling and
Khaleesi felt nothing
Then pins Tyrion Hand of the Queen. Sniffle.

Meanwhile back at the Twins
Walder has a slice of Walder pie
Complements to the chef
The Chef is Arya!
See ya Walder Frey!

Meanwhile outside Winterfell
Sansa complains by the wirwood tree
Littlefinger wants the iron throne
With Sansa by his side

Meanwhile north of the wall
Uncle benjen cant go south
but he wishes them good forture
Then Bran jacks in

Meanwhile in flashback at the Tower of Joy
Ned sees his sister
Who whispers that R+L=J!

Meanwhile in Winterfell
The northerners grovel
King of the north!

Meanwhile in Kings Landing
Cersei is queen!
Cue The Rains of Castermere remix!

Meanwhile on the narrow sea Here comes Khaleesi!
And Tyrion, Varys, and Mersandei, and Gray Worm
And Theon and Yara
And the Unsullied, and the Dothraki
And Drogon and Rhaegal and Viserion
Fire and Blood!
See ya Season 6!
See ya next year!