Season 6 Game of Thrones Minute Lyrics
Episode 2: Take off eh!

Here's Johnny!

Up in Santa's workshop, Brandon and Brewmeister Smith from Strange Brew find the flux capacitor
and see that Hodor is actually Wyllis and he used to be able to talk

Meanwhile at Castle Black
Alisar knocks at the door
And Edd shows up with pizza and wildlings

Meanwhile in King's Landing
A Drunk commoner tells a sausage story
And Sir Robert Strong smashes his head into the turnbuckle for the win!

Tommen regrets sending his mom naked through the streets but I sure don't!
Father Dirtbag talks trash to Jamie and brings out the Feedle from Yie Ar Kung Fu

Mereenwhile in Mereen
Tyrion drinks and knows things then chills with Raegal and Viserion
Then a Quick trip to Braavos to see Arya paint the fence and get her room back

Meanwhile in Winterfell
Fat Walda has a baby!
Ramsey sends his congratulations to his dad with a dagger.
See ya Roose Bolton!
And after a quick trip to the kennels
Its See ya Fat Walda and the baby heir to Winterfell

Somewhere in the northern woods
Reek bolts for home while bolting the Boltons

Meanwhile in Pyke
It's brother versus brother in a scaffolding match
Where is Tony Sciavone when you need him?
See ya Balon Greyjoy!

And back in Castle Black
Davos gives Melisandre the pep talk of the century
She lays hands on our boy then its
John-ny John-ny John-ny