Game of Thrones Season 6 Minute Lyrics
Episode 5: The Door!

At Castle Black
Sansa gets a littlenote and meets little finger in little Moletown
She's been out of the murdering monsters frying pan
And into the murdering monsters fire

Meanwhile in Braavos
Arya pulls a Shawn Michaels kip up then the waif pulls a Morpheus
Rest, Neo...The Answers Are Coming
Arya gets closer to no one
And it's time for summer stock theatre
warts and all!

Meanwhile in the Weirwood tree
Bran and Brewmeister Smith go back in time
to watch the Children of the forest make the Night's King

Meanwhile in Pyke
Yara pulls a Hillary
Reek pulls a Biden
And Uncle Urine pulls a Trump!
Then he drowns
The he wakes and takes the crown
But Yara and Reek take the fleet and put it on fleek

Meanwhile in Vaes Dothrak
Khaleesi tells Jorah to go get some ointment
And change your shirt already!

Mereenwhile in Mereen
There's a fragile peace and a new red woman in town
Touche Tyrion, touche Varys, touche redwoman touche everyone!

Back northward
The Night King pulls a Witch King of Angmar
Bran gets a touch, a touch too much
and Brewmeister Smith is Freeze Framed

Meanwhile at Castle Black
A quick strategy session then we're southbound baby

Back at the tree, Bran does the time warp again
its just a jump to the left, and palsy hands to the right

Then all hell breaks loose!
Hold the door
See ya, Brewmeister!
Hold the door
See ya Children of the forest

Hold the door!
Hold the door!
See ya Hodor!
Hold the door!
Hold the door!
Hold the door!