Game of Thrones Season 6 Minute Lyrics
Episode 6: Blood In Blood Out!

Bran is rolling balls and flashing back
Hello Mad King!
The dead attack and it's a masked rider to the rescue!

Meanwhile in Tarlytown
Sam and Gilly travelled 1000 miles and couldnt stop for a change of clothes
Hey, let's Meet the Tarlys!

Meanwhile in the sept of Baylor
Mr. Dark knows Something Wicked This Way Comes
And plays Tommen
Then Margery plays her own playing while playing Tommen too, playa

Meanwhile back at Horny Hill
Gilly plays Snow White
And Randall Tarly plays Randy Quaid playing Randy Weaver in The Siege at Ruby Ridge

Meanwhile in Bravvos it's time for Act Two!
Backstage, underage, A girl is poisonnn
No she's not!
She's Arya again!
And she's got Needle back!

Meanwhile back in King's Landing
Mr. Dark illuminates
And in come the troops
Touche Jamie
but Alas! theres no streaking of atonement today, damn!
Tommen Tommen Tommen
Touche Mr. Dark
A starry new sigil is born
and Jamie loses his daygig

Meanwhile at the twins
The always angry Walder Frey wants his Rivverrun back

Meanwhile back at King's Landing
We are just in time for plotting and incest

Back up north
Who skins that waskally wabbit?
It's Uncle Benjin from season 1!
And Bran's the Three Eyed Raven!
Does that means he owns Elsinore Brewery now, eh you hoser?

Meanwhile in a Jawa valley on Tattoine
Khaleesi hitches a ride on a Drogon
Up up and away!