Game of Thrones Season 6 Minute Lyrics
Episode 7: The Broken Man

Somewhere in the Amish shire of Deadwood
Al Swearengin builds a tower
I'd quote Deadwood but there's nothing suitable for radio
Who's that carrying wood?
It's the Hound!
He's alive!
And he's motivated by hate!

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Desire is not required, baby, only patience!
Margery slips Olenna a note
The seed, that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose.

Meanwhile in the North
John, Sansa, and Davos try to drum up an army
Wun Wun is in in

Meanwhile back at King's Landing
Olena cuts a heel promo on Cersei on her way out of town
"I wonder if you're the worst person I've ever met." ha!

Meanwhile in Riverrun Bronn is back! And he's wearing eye liner.
The Fray boys swerve killing Edmure
and Jamie puts the smackdown on them

Meanwhile on Bear Island
The recruiting team picks up 62 Mormonts. Woo.

Meanwhile back at Riverrun
Jamie draws the drawbridge
And cuts a babyface promo on the blackfish

Meanwhile at the uhhh Castle of Glover
Sansa pulls the bannerman card and whiffs

Meanwhile in our favorite Volantine whorehouse
Yara is gettin some and peer pressuring Theon to drink

Meanwhile back on the interminable recruting trail
John wants a fight and Sansa writes a letter

Back in the Shire of Deadwood
Al Swearengin tells a shame story
Three riders show up
And The Hound chops more wood

Meanwhile in Braaavos
Arya throws some silver around
Takes it to the bridge, takes the waifs knife, takes a plunge
And takes a stumble through town

And back in the Shire
The Hound chops branches
And fails to notice all his friends are dead
See ya Al!