Game of Thrones Season 6 Minute Lyrics
Episode 8: No one!

In Braavos
Lady Crane wins a Tony and finds Arya in her closet
Then she takes Arya home and feeds her heroin.

Meanwhile in the woods
A kissing lesson begets a beechnut
And The Hound is back and everyone is in trouble!

Mereenwhile in Mereen
Varys is leaving on a secret mission?
Did you happen to see the most famous dwarf in the world?

Meanwhile in King's Landing
Cousin Lancel and his friends want Cersei in the sept
Mountainstein chooses violence
and shucks a brother's head like a corn cob.

Meanwhile outside Riverrun
Brienne and Pod
Reunite with Jamie and Bronn!
Lesson #1 Assume everyone wants to hit you
And that the Blackfish is still a dick.

Meanwhile at King's Landing
King Tommen forbids trials by combat! Uh Oh Cersei!
Cue the Rains of Castamere.

Mereenwhile back in Mereen
Tyrion wants a vinyard of his own.

Meanwhile back outside Riverrun
Jamie cuts a heel promo about sisters.
Edmure crosses the moat and the Blackfish
The Blackfish lets Brienne and Pod escape and goes down swingin
See ya Blackfish!

Mereenwhile back in Merreen
All hell is breaking loose!
Just in time for Khaleesi and Drogon to return!

Meanwhile in Brotherland without borders
The Hound knows two out of three aint bad
Barrick Dondarian and Thoros of Myr give a recruiting pitch
And The Hound considers!

Meanwhile back in Braavos
Arya pulls a chase scene from Matrix
And a Scwartzenegger from Predator
Now the Waif's face is on the wall
And Arya is no one!
But no she's Arya
And she's going home!
And Jacquen approves!